Episode #355 – The Amazing Race 32 Finale Recap

Try not to be too bitter, as we are back for our (potentially!) final Amazing Race season ever – the eternally delayed Season 32! Over these nine weeks, Logan, Michelle & I have been dissecting each episode as we counted down to the end of our Amazing Race coverage, concluding (potentially forever!) this week with the final leg and coronation of James & Will as our winners!

In our recap:

  • Michelle celebrates a milestone.
  • Are we happy that a Superfan team finally won?
  • Logan talks secret scenes.
  • Is DeAngelo still salty?
  • Why did we have such trouble with YouTube last week?
  • Phil gets fact checked again.
  • How long was the Pit Stop?
  • Did Riley & Maddison win the last three legs on their own?
  • I spot something very weird with the flight.
  • Why didn’t James & Will check their bags?
  • How much money did they get for this leg?
  • There’s something strange with the first Roadblock.
  • How did Michelle confuse her dad?
  • Have any of us done anything like the bridge swing before?
  • Do they ever tell locals that they’re on the Race?
  • Why do they love using American Football stadia as Finish Lines?
  • Why did DeAngelo smile so much?
  • How long has James been in the fan community?
  • Are James & Will the first winning team to have a Finish Line proposal?
  • Who would we have liked to have seen do the bridge swing?
  • Why were Riley & Maddison so annoyed to come third?
  • Michelle advocates shaving.
  • Can they still claim the one million miles achievement?
  • How many teams have been on Amazing Race?
  • The Amazing Race social media team don’t understand sarcasm.
  • Michelle stumbles upon the entire Production and editing strategy of this season.
  • There’s some stats to make some people very happy.
  • Where was the suspense in the finale?
  • How much did James & Will actually win?
  • I have to rephrase a question.
  • We finally address the elephant in the room.
  • What are the rumours for the upcoming Australian season?
  • What have we got planned to end the year?
  • And I put out a little request for people to get involved.

Thank you for listening all season – we will be back next Sunday to give Amazing Race the send-off it deserves – take that however you want to!

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