Episode #356 – De Mol Belgie South Africa Finale & Reunion Recap

Blacklist any poachers you know, as we are back again for some brand-new/old Belgian Mole! Over the past eight weeks, Logan & I have been going back to an episode of one of the two Belgian seasons that we haven’t covered before each week – looking for the clues we missed and refreshing our memories on two of the best seasons we never covered, concluding with the final two episodes of the South Africa season this week! In this episode:

  • Was this season as good as we remembered?
  • Where were the alliances?
  • How is it best to think of the South African season?
  • The introduction to the finale is delightful.
  • What reaction does the ending have for us?
  • Should there have been an advantage for the final test?
  • We give them props for the music choices.
  • Is this the best version of Three Questions we’ve seen?
  • Why would you ever not want to be the Mole?
  • Did the Mole sabotage this episode at all?
  • Did they set back gender equality fifty years?
  • Logan misses something.
  • I make Logan jealous.
  • Does it make sense that the rhino was the one that they saw?
  • What is the main difference between a cheetah and a leopard?
  • We come up with a wild encounter for Davey.
  • We have a message for poachers.
  • I rank the tastiest animals in South Africa.
  • What did Eline revise about lions?
  • How would Logan have done with the safari guide challenge?
  • What’s the golden rule of Safari Club?
  • There’s a thoroughly non-erotic story about me showering.
  • Why was there no reward if nobody pushed the button?
  • Could they really have earned over €100,000?
  • What are the two sweetest words in the English language?
  • Were there any familiar faces in the 110 who didn’t get through the audition?
  • Did Davey have an unfair advantage?
  • Was Eline a good Mole?
  • We contrast the young female Moles.
  • We rank the (Belgian) Moles that we’ve seen.
  • Can Eline take credit for the drunk heist?
  • Was Eline aggressive enough as Mole?
  • Did Argentina impact this season?
  • What impact did South Africa have?
  • Does Logan regret me nagging him?
  • We say goodbye (for now – until next year as we later found out!) to Belgian Mole.
  • And what’s next?

Thank you for listening all season – we’ll see you in January for Wie is de Mol 21!

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