Episode #357 – What did The Amazing Race Ever Do for Us?

There’s a surprise plot twist, as two guys who you never need to keep off the furniture using a spray bottle – Michael & Logan – are joined by David Bindley for a very special episode to discuss where Amazing Race (US) has gone wrong and give the show the Viking funeral it deserves.

In this episode:

  • We find out how Michelle spent her Christmas.
  • What are the two Australian accents?
  • How is Bindles qualified to join us?
  • Was 32 a bad season?
  • How do you fix the alliance issue?
  • Do people like alliances?
  • Did the Yield returning affect anything?
  • Why have Production been throwing the Racers under the bus?
  • Has the Race become superficial?
  • How were the “Mega Leg” and “City Sprint” any different to what we’ve seen before?
  • Is a reduced budget that much of an issue?
  • Did this show exist before 2008?
  • Do they have researchers anymore?
  • Why do they love German singing challenges?
  • Should we have liked this season?
  • Do Production trust Racers anymore?
  • What will Season 32 be remembered for?
  • How can you fix the editing issues?
  • Where is the adventure?
  • And we end our Amazing Race coverage with a montage.

Thank you for listening all season – we will be back soon for more podcasts – beginning in January with Wie is de Mol 21!

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