Episode #358 – Wie is de Mol 2021 Episode 1 Recap

Get down from the tree you’re hiding in, because we are back for Wie is de Mol 2021! Over the next ten episodes, two guys who 100% do not look the same – Logan & I – will be Czeching everything in our quest to uncover the Mole in this twenty-first(-ish) season of Wie is de Mol.

In this week’s recap:

  • How short is the inter-season gap?
  • We get the pandemic stuff out of the way.
  • A COVID berserk button is already hit.
  • All white people look the same.
  • We look ahead to a running joke I’ve already prepared for.
  • Did the Mole lie in their statement?
  • How would you easily find €250?
  • Was the Mole actually on the other side of the door?
  • Did Production miss a trick by getting them to buy jokers publicly?
  • I finally praise an advantage.
  • The Renée-sance begins.
  • Logan compares something to The Legend of Zelda.
  • Have we excluded anyone yet?
  • Splinter somehow isn’t the most strangely-dressed person for a challenge.
  • Who is the punching bag of the season going to be?
  • Will the joker cards come back?
  • Is Rocky in FIFA?
  • Have Production been watching Belgie?
  • How do you cover a slow person?
  • Is this cast really that famous?
  • What does Logan hate more than anything?
  • Did the Mountain Bike challenge mess with the Mole’s strategy?
  • Where should the Mole have placed themselves on the Mountain Bike challenge?
  • Is Renée an Anchorman character?
  • How specific were the pre-season questions?
  • I spot something interesting about a maximum.
  • Did the team make the right choice to go for €100 per question?
  • There’s a revelation to help compare Dutch & Belgian Moles (again!)
  • Who do we suspect?
  • We introduce the Pool and First Suspicions list again.
  • We wonder whether we should do a ten-minute montage.
  • And what was Remco’s big moment?

We’re also pleased to announce that back for its fifth season in a row is our predictions pool! Now that the first episode has aired, Michelle, Logan & I will each be drafting three people for our teams. As winner of the last pool, Logan gets first pick, then me, then Michelle and so on until all nine have been assigned a team. The rules are as follows:

  1. Following the premiere, we will all order the cast from most to least suspicious. Logan was guaranteed to get his first pick, I would get my first unless it matches Logan’s… and so on, until we each have three people on our team.
  2. The person whose team contains the Mole on the finale night will be crowned the winner. In the event that I win again, I will also gloat incessantly until I lose the Belgian one later in the year.
  3. During the season, each person has the use of a Switch. The Switch gives you the power to trade someone from one team with someone from another. There is no requirement for this to be your own team, and does not expire in the event that all of your team are eliminated.
  4. Only one Switch can be used per week and all Switches expire one the episode in which the Final Five becomes the Final Four airs. If there is a Final Five non-elimination episode, Switches are still valid until that Final Five is no more.
  5. In the event that there is a Final Four in the end and the two losers are spread over two separate teams (with the Winner & Mole on the third one), the tiebreaker is that the first person to lose someone out of those teams with the losers on it will be third place.

Teams will be revealed during next week’s episode!

Also, if you’re reading this in the Premiere Week, you too can fill in the same form we’re using – I’ll be keeping an eye on everyone’s list during the season to see who has the best instincts!

We hope you enjoy our first episode of the season – episodes will be released at 9pm BST on a Wednesday all season.

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