Episode #359 – Wie is de Mol 2021 Episode 2 Recap

Swat away any invisible mosquito that you (don’t) see, because we are back for Wie is de Mol 2021! Over these ten episodes, two guys who are prone to randomly screaming “GATTICA!” at the top of their lungs – Logan & I – will be Czeching everything in our quest to uncover the Mole in this twenty-first(-ish) season of Wie is de Mol, continuing this week with the departure of Erik.

In this week’s recap:

  • I make up for lost time.
  • Did I pronounce a name wrong last week?
  • Someone invokes Sandra Diaz-Twine.
  • Logan spots a hint.
  • Quiz shows teach you things.
  • What are they going to do in Kutna Hora?
  • Would the Mole’s sabotages be as blatant as Josh was?
  • Why did Josh become such a major character this week?
  • Logan accidentally gloats.
  • Where should the Mole have been in the stately home?
  • Did Lakshmi give her team fake tasks?
  • Why are they so obsessed with monasteries?
  • Logan wants a music video.
  • What did the Ballerina Casting Notice say?
  • Were we shocked Rocky was last woman standing?
  • Has Josh ever seen Wie is de Mol before?
  • I rank the elements of the truck challenge in terms of fun.
  • How could Renée see the photos that Josh was taking?
  • Was Erik annoyed to be sent home?
  • Who should Erik have given the pot to?
  • Would you steal something if you were made treasurer?
  • We have our first Pool update.
  • History is made for the first time in a Dutch season.
  • What happens if you get fired from Wie is de Mol?
  • Why does Rik keep gloating to people as they go home?
  • Who do we suspect?
  • And who’s going home next week?

In the predictions pool, our teams have finally been drawn!

Logan Florentijn Lakshmi Erik
Michael Marije Splinter Joshua
Michelle Charlotte Renée Rocky

However, there was an elimination…

Logan’s lost his first person, leaving him with Florentijn & Lakshmi. I still have Marije, Splinter & Josh and Michelle still has Charlotte, Renée & Rocky.

Don’t forget to join us next week for more Mole Hunting!

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