Episode #375 – De Mol Belgie Germany Finale Recap

Make sure you know your tiktok from your chopsticks, as Best Friend of the Podcast Papa Bear Gilles de Coster invites another ten candidates to join him in some challenges, this time in the Land of Bratwurst, Beer and Bavaria – Germany! As always, one of them has a second motive – to sabotage and restrict the pot as much as possible, whilst avoiding the searching gaze of both their fellow players and the public. Each week, two guys who are always about ten minutes from a ridiculous ending – Logan & myself – have been attempting to uncover the truth behind the lies and try and find out who will learn that it’s not Vlaanderen Vakantieland, and who we shouldn’t play board games with, concluding with this week’s reveal of Lennart as Mole, Annelotte as winner and Sven as King of our Hearts!

In this episode:

  • Are we shocked that Lennart was the Mole?
  • Where did we go right?
  • How close was the final test?
  • Could anyone have predicted the ending?
  • How much of an achievement is it to film a proper season during a pandemic?
  • Was this season always going to end ridiculously?
  • Logan invokes the Celebrity Mole seasons.
  • Should Sven have tried to Mole?
  • Will any future contestants trust extra-curricular activities?
  • Is Gilles a show-off?
  • Logan has a “gimme” story.
  • How should the contestant reveals have happened?
  • Have Production been watching Netflix?
  • Did Sven ever waver on his Lennart suspicion?
  • Which distraction challenge would we have wanted to do?
  • Did the distraction challenge reveal who the Mole was?
  • Isi leaves a note.
  • How dangerous was the Goldfinger table stunt?
  • Did Sven cost himself the game?
  • Why did they add an extra day?
  • Did Annelotte call out a fan theory at the Suspicion Brunch?
  • Did we expect Annelotte to win?
  • How much more impressive is it that Annelotte beat Sven?
  • What should the final test tiebreaker be?
  • Should Sven have put up a fight for Isidoor?
  • How did Lennart train Isi?
  • Is it justified to have a record-low pot?
  • Where does Lennart place in our rankings of the Moles (at least preliminarily)?
  • Why are we getting good at guessing the Mole?
  • Am I being set up for a fall in Season 10?
  • There’s the final update for the First Suspicions list and our Predictions Pool.
  • Who did Philip go home suspecting?
  • Will they reveal the identity of the Alternate-Mole next week?
  • Should there be an all-star season for Season 10?
  • And we end with the first big announcement of the year!

A new season also means a new predictions pool for me to lose at! In the first episode of the season, Logan & I each drafted five candidates. As I won last year’s Belgian pool (entirely by stealing Alina from Logan’s team), I got first draft.

As Lennart was revealed as Mole, this year’s winner is me (for the first time ever really)!

In the First Suspicions list, eleven people had Lennart as their first choice, meaning this season’s winners are Holgermat, Filip, Dale, Walter, John, Kim, Ben, Germanist, Christopher, Matt Clemson and Fly101!

See you next week for the reunion episode!

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