Episode #377 – “Distruptive By Nature” – a De Mol Belgie Special Episode with Gilles de Coster!

It’s been three years since we caught up with him, so it’s time for the return of the Best Friend of the Podcast Papa Bear Gilles de Coster! Since the middle of March, two guys who always blame it on Shazam – Logan & myself – were attempting to uncover the truth behind the lies and try and find out who will learn that it’s not Vlaanderen Vakantieland, and who we shouldn’t play board games with, but now we must face the wrath of Gilles’ revenge in our last episode of the season!

In this episode:

  • We address the Papa Bear-shaped elephant in the room.
  • Logan talks about his specialist subject – Willy Sommers.
  • How have the past fifteen months been?
  • We swap vaccine stories.
  • Has next season’s location been selected yet?
  • What would have happened if someone had contracted COVID during the Germany season?
  • We talk sports.
  • Did Gilles expect Lennart to go so undetected?
  • Does it matter if you’re on the wrong Mole?
  • How important is the cinematography?
  • What is the aim each season?
  • Why was Belgie Lore broken this season?
  • Was it deliberate that Lennart & Martijn were born on the same day?
  • Should we feel bad for Martijn?
  • Did they ever consider not revealing Martijn’s identity?
  • Are the attackers burned?
  • Would they ever cast two people with the same first name?
  • Was it deliberate that Episode 1 ended up being a non-elimination episode?
  • How did no-one work out that Noah could still have been the Mole?
  • Would only one person have gone home in the Bunker elimination if someone went in the castle?
  • How can we be a supportive community for this wonderful show?
  • Did Lennart ever push it a bit too far?
  • Are there any lessons that Gilles is going to take from Lennart’s actions when briefing future Moles?
  • How much were they expecting Lennart to take from the pot for the exemption?
  • Is Gilles a fan of the Mole being able to raid the pot?
  • Were people allowed to view their own video in the DDR?
  • Would Lennart have been less detected in another cast?
  • Could we have had a season where no-one unmasks the Mole?
  • Which challenges would Gilles have tried out this season?
  • Were there any clues that were – in hindsight – a bit too obvious?
  • How careful did they have to be when introducing Isidoor?
  • Did Isi take much persuading not to press the red button?
  • Was there a plan to do Diary of the Mole this year?
  • Why can’t pasvragen or vrijstellingen be saved?
  • Were there more exemptions than normal this season?
  • Would Lennart have taken so many risks if he’d been more suspected?
  • Would anyone take the Chain Gang exemption now?
  • Were they tempted to do anything else with Martijn during the season?
  • Where did “Car-pool Karaoke” come from?
  • Is there a deliberate tone to the seasons?
  • Do other versions of The Mole take themselves too seriously?
  • Are they inspired by other shows when looking for challenges?
  • What is Gilles’ favourite challenge of the season?
  • Was it a priority not to write COVID into the season?
  • What is Sven actually like?
  • Is there anything that Gilles would change about any of the six seasons?
  • Where do the music choices for the show come from?
  • Does anyone really want to know who the Mole is?
  • Are there any questions that Gilles can’t answer?
  • How much of the Mole’s reveal is rehearsed?
  • Why didn’t Lennart bring a suit?
  • Would the Greek Shoplifting challenge have been possible in Germany?
  • Did Sven take much persuasion to wear a wedding dress?
  • Has anyone ever struggled to adjust post-filming?
  • What’s the strangest audition tape they’ve had?
  • Can people from outside of Belgium apply?
  • How much fun was it to narrate the bomb challenge?
  • Would the bomb challenge have happened on a non-COVID season?
  • How young can contestants be?
  • I get some post-quiz advice from Gilles.
  • We take the opportunity to get slightly cheeky.
  • Will there be a change in order to avoid ties in future?
  • Has there been a bad season in six?
  • And we look ahead to the rest of the year!

We’ll see you on June 30th for Wie is de Mol: Georgia! (No, for real this time!)

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