Episode #383 – Wie is de Mol 2018 Episode 6 Recap

Submit to a full body search, because we are back for our first season of looking back at Wie is de Mol history, and we’re starting with Georgia! Over these nine episodes, two guys who just like a Georgian house have been accused of being full of old crap – Logan & myself – are going back through the archives to discuss what we both agree is our favourite Dutch season, and the season with the most jaw-dropping twist in Mole history, continuing this week with the sixth episode and non-elimination episode (much to Producers’ relief)!

In this week’s recap:

  • Stine has a breakout.
  • What would Production have done if there was actually a red screen?
  • Would anyone ride a Georgian cable car?
  • Is there a laser game?
  • Who would come back from Czechia?
  • Why didn’t Stine speak up?
  • Does Olcay have unreasonable cleaning standards?
  • Why did Ruben lose his treasurership?
  • Why was Stine so suspicious?
  • Ruben wins a game of hide & seek.
  • Why was there no punchline to Stine listening in?
  • Is Jan the most social player ever?
  • Is it a bit ignorant to score a scene in Georgia with Russian music?
  • We spot another running joke for the season.
  • We go back to chatting about Jan’s socks for a moment.
  • How much was the house move challenge actually worth?
  • What other songs did Irma serenade Ruben with?
  • How did Jan & Ruben not crash into each other?
  • Something almost very impressive happens.
  • What is “The Czechia Barrier”?
  • Why didn’t red values remove money from the pot?
  • How would you play the final challenge?
  • How do you smoke out a Mole?
  • Would it have been really funny to still see a red screen this week?
  • And we look back at what the Mole did, as well as discussing their legacy and whether the elimination could have been very different.

We’ll see you next week for Episode 7 and our 300th episode together!

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