Episode #386 – Wie is de Mol 2018 Finale & Reunion Recap

Find the next free rap concert in Amsterdam’s parks, because we are back to finish up our first season of looking back at Wie is de Mol history, and we’re starting with Georgia! Over these nine episodes, two guys who rely on each other to make any season work – Logan & myself – have been going back through the archives to discuss what we both agree is our favourite Dutch season, and the season with the most jaw-dropping twist in Mole history, concluding this week with the reveal of Jan as the Mole, Ruben as winner and Olcay as the People’s Champion!

In this week’s recap:

  • Is this the last Wie is de Mol season we’re covering this year?
  • Is Jan the best Mole we’ve ever seen?
  • How many notes did Olcay actually take?
  • Do we have proof of Art being a great host?
  • Logan learns about Chris Zegers.
  • Did Olcay narrate any challenges?
  • Did Jan do much moling in the finale?
  • Is it understandable to be so spooked at the observatory?
  • How much fun did Ruben have?
  • Why did Jan become the Prototype Mole?
  • Did Jan & Ruben need each other to be successful in their respective roles?
  • Why do the finale and reunion episodes feel a bit slow?
  • We try and find any gold from the Lada challenge.
  • How easy is it to drive off with something on your car roof?
  • Did Jan sabotage the Lada challenge?
  • Logan wants some completionism.
  • What would Ruben & Olcay have faced in the Mole’s room?
  • What is it like being in the crowd at a reunion show?
  • Is there a tradition of on-location reveals again?
  • Were the crowd’s suspicions a set-up?
  • Did I consider going to the reunion recording?
  • Who should you watch when it’s announced Olcay isn’t the Mole?
  • Will we ever see a season where everyone gets the wrong Mole?
  • How good is this reveal?
  • Why was Olcay so persuasive?
  • How did everyone get into a Ruben tunnel?
  • Could Jan have destroyed half of the pot after the game?
  • How close was Ruben to spotting Jan in FlowchART?
  • Which of the Mole’s sabotages did we remember?
  • And we lay down the ground rules for the next season of WIDM Historians – Oregon.

We’ll see you in September for Hunted UK 1 recaps, then in October for Amazing Race 3 and November for Wie is de Mol: Oregon!

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