Episode #387 – “Build a Fire, Boys!” – A Hunted Special Episode with Rob Ellington!

Cuddle close together thinking of your mums, as we are back for a little Hunted-themed treat! In anticipation of us revisiting the first series from next Friday, we decided to have a little sit down with one of the winners of Hunted Series 5 – Rob Ellington and take a look back at the last series we covered!

In this episode:

  • How long have we been talking about getting Rob on the podcast?
  • Michelle and Rob swap teaching stories.
  • What will Rob spend his winnings on?
  • Anthony & I finally tell our Chase casting stories.
  • Why did Rob’s mum take a trip to the Lake District?
  • How seriously did Rob’s family take being interrogated?
  • Do the Volvos really wheelspin?
  • Are Ben & Rob Mummy’s Boys?
  • Did the editors kill Ben & Rob off?
  • How did Ben & Rob psych themselves up for going on the run?
  • What would they have done in a normal series?
  • Could they explain what they were doing to strangers?
  • What didn’t we see?
  • When was the one time Ben & Rob fought?
  • Why wasn’t Liverpool shown?
  • Michelle teaches Rob a lesson.
  • What happened with Ben & Rob’s split?
  • How close was it really at the end?
  • How much guidance is there on Extraction Day?
  • Will there be a podcast proposal?
  • Did Dan & Hayley have to refilm the proposal?
  • How is Ben doing?
  • Did Rob think that he would win?
  • Can you throw rocks at drones?
  • Was there any pushback for the Xbox Live idea?
  • Is the show as legitimate as it seems?
  • Did it ever feel like the Hunters were that close behind?
  • How dangerous is it being close to the extraction point?
  • Did Rob like his edit?
  • Is there another show Rob would want to do?
  • Was the “HQ wins” ending rigged?
  • How wrong did we get Series 5?
  • How do they replicate the powers of the State?
  • Did Ben & Rob get rid of some of their search history?
  • Was doing the London Marathon good training for being on the run?
  • What is the hardest part of Hunted?
  • How would we do on the run?
  • Who should you put down on your friends & family list?
  • Why did the Hunters delete a group chat?
  • What is the reason that Ben & Rob got to the end?
  • How did Ben & Rob spend the weeks before the series aired?
  • Are Ben & Rob patients zero?
  • Have Ben & Rob watched the finale together?
  • Would Rob ever snitch on a fugitive?
  • How sweet is it that people want to help future fugitives?
  • I ask a very time-specific question.
  • And we try and find a way for Rob to contribute to Series 6.

We’re back next Friday to begin looking back at the first series of UK Hunted – don’t forget to join us then!

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