Episode #388 – Hunted UK Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

Just because there’s no new Hunted for us to talk about, doesn’t mean there’s no old Hunted for us to talk about! Over the next six weeks, three people who are back just to speak their truth – Anthony, Michelle & myself – will be back to recap each episode of the only Hunted series we never covered and look back at the first series where Doug ethically hacked his way into our affections – beginning with the first episode and incredibly quick capture of Sandra & Elizabeth.

In this episode:

  • How long has it been since Anthony was on an episode?
  • Is there much of the newer series of Hunted in this first episode?
  • What state was the UK in when the show was originally commissioned?
  • Did they all start on the same day?
  • We foolishly draw a little attention to Sherlock’s nickname still being a public thing.
  • How much do we remember about the old Chief?
  • Should they have gone straight for Bleks as Chief?
  • Where was the Series 1 HQ?
  • Would the introduction to this episode answer all of the moaning that is so prevelent when new series air on social media?
  • Michelle finds out where our theme comes from.
  • Where would we know the narrator from?
  • Is Dr Ricky Allen the reason this show works?
  • Why did they not do any prior preparation?
  • How was Doug cast?
  • Why does Emily’s hair colour change?
  • We look ahead to the sad clown.
  • I do some research on a Hunter we’d forgotten existed.
  • Why is Brett no longer the Chief of the Hunters?
  • Ant gets a bit brave.
  • We get corrected six years late.
  • Is it weird to see Dr Steve Hersee (Assistant to the Chief) so happy?
  • Anthony & I get to put our feet up.
  • Why do we never see anyone smoke anymore?
  • We find a new way to measure time.
  • Where would you recognise Sandra & Elizabeth from?
  • Why were Sandra & Elizabeth called “life partners”?
  • Did Sandra & Elizabeth do The Code?
  • Are Nic & Danni our favourite ground hunters?
  • Does Hunted need swear words?
  • Michelle learns about lay-bys.
  • Did they need to show Ricky’s search history?
  • Was this episode sponsored by Outlook?
  • Why do we not know anyone’s ages?
  • Could the covert team have been any less covert?
  • How did Ricky lose his window?
  • We double-check Emily’s CV.
  • Why don’t we see much of Lauren?
  • Does anyone do a menial job on Hunted anymore?
  • I have a flashback to 2015.
  • How small is the Series 1 HQ?
  • And we look ahead to Episode 2 being a very fun episode.

We will see you next week for Episode 2!

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