Episode #389 – Hunted UK Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

Send whoever is chasing you on a wild goose chase, because we’re back to look at some Hunted history! Over these six weeks, three people who are always looking for John Smiths – Anthony, Michelle & myself – are back to recap each episode of the only Hunted series we never covered and look back at the first series where Doug ethically hacked his way into our affections – continuing with the second episode and capture of Davinder & Harinder.

In this episode:

  • There’s a little bit of post-Episode 1 admin.
  • Why does the pre-titles clip change every episode?
  • How much do we remember about Harinder & Davinder?
  • Why are captures shown out of order?
  • Why would this be Harinder & Davinder’s last adventure together?
  • I have a podcast recommendation.
  • Was filming it as a documentary the only way to get it commissioned?
  • Michelle learns about the rules surrounding petitions.
  • Would any other channel have done Hunted?
  • Was Ricky a recruit?
  • Why was there no prize fund?
  • Has anything changed in terms of race relations over the past six years?
  • Were the fugitives unprepared?
  • I make a plea for a bit of consistency in crime fiction.
  • We have potentially our most serious chat ever, as there’s a very…interesting local who appears.
  • There’s a lesson on British etymology.
  • Why did the blurry man in the pub ever get seen?
  • We spot our first bit of monkeying with the timeline.
  • Do HQ get to shower?
  • I spot a discrepancy.
  • Why can’t Eileen lie?
  • How was Eileen’s withdrawal filmed?
  • Is the digger a landmark?
  • We celebrate the first “COME ON!” of the series.
  • Why did Ricky post his card to someone so close by?
  • What was the last night out we had before lockdown?
  • Is it a burner phone if you repeatedly use it?
  • HQ reveal a bit too much on a whiteboard.
  • Have we read any John Le Carre?
  • How much did Ricky bond with his cameraman?
  • Michelle learns the term “potato quality”.
  • Did Harinder & Davinder apply?
  • Michelle loves Robert.
  • Why did (and do!) we still love Nic & Danni so much?
  • Have we used bothy since?
  • Why do editors seem to be going out of their way to paint Ricky as a deviant?
  • Anthony faces a fact check.
  • We see our first Gold Command message.
  • Who is Steve Hanton?
  • How did Bleks get the top job?
  • Does Michelle trust her husband?
  • We try and look up Karen Rose.
  • Why is everyone so bitter when they’re caught?
  • Do the first two captures explain why they introduced the “Your Time on the Run” catchphrase?
  • Why does no-one other than Emily, Lauren or Ricky appear in the Next Time trailers?
  • We look ahead to next week.
  • And Anthony has been watching the credits.

We will see you next week for Episode 3!

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