Episode #390 – Hunted UK Series 1 Episode 3 Recap

Trust a friend to drive you to Glasgow, because we’re back to look at some Hunted history! Over these six weeks, three people who are big WhatsApp users – Anthony, Michelle & myself – are back to recap each episode of the only Hunted series we never covered and look back at the first series where Doug ethically hacked his way into our affections – continuing with the third episode and capture of the People’s Champion – Dr Ricky Allen.

In this episode:

  • Why has this series been a bit of a burden to record already?
  • Where did the title for Episode 2 come from?
  • Did Ricky deliberately leave his burner phone in the bothy?
  • Why have we still not met everyone?
  • What was the logic for using up all the Ricky content in three episodes?
  • Does the reward money become less alluring for the general public as time goes on?
  • Are we meant to be supporting the Hunters in this series?
  • Do the fugitives get told to listen to the radio for the Hunters’ messages?
  • What is the main reason they wouldn’t cast Emily & Lauren anymore?
  • Would you guess that Ricky & Bleks are the same age?
  • Why didn’t we see much of Stephen & Martin in the last two episodes?
  • Can we remember when everyone gets introduced?
  • I try and blow Ant & Michelle’s minds.
  • What was the working title of the show?
  • How can anyone afford a £100 taxi ride whilst on the run?
  • Why are Emily & Lauren so paranoid two weeks in?
  • Why would anyone do Hunted for free?
  • When does Sherlock adopt his traditional ground hunter uniform?
  • How well do we know Euston Station?
  • Are we unreliable recappers?
  • How obvious is it that they realised they’d made a huge mistake part-way through this series?
  • And was Ricky defeated or did he surrender?

We will see you next week for Episode 4!

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