Episode #391 – Hunted UK Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

Turn on the waterworks to convince people to belive you, because we’re back to look at some Hunted history! Over these six weeks, three people who have an awful habit of constantly going off-grid this series – Anthony, Michelle & myself – are back to recap each episode of the only Hunted series we never covered and look back at the first series where Doug ethically hacked his way into our affections – continuing with the fourth episode and introduction and capture of Adam Young (without a frog on his face).

In this episode:

  • We continue an unintentional running joke.
  • Can we remember Nathan yet?
  • Did Stephen & Martin ever think they would get away with going to the caravan?
  • Was there a requirement to ring home in Series 1?
  • How lucky did Stephen & Martin get to find a leaky tap?
  • Michelle has a question.
  • Did one fugitive take a trip to Wuhan last year?
  • Did anyone really think the Millennium Bug would kill us all?
  • Why did they not focus on Adam’s family’s homelessness?
  • Did Adam get the short end of the stick edit-wise?
  • Can Michelle show this series to her children?
  • Would fugitives be allowed to use a VPN after this series?
  • Who should the new Chief be for Series 6?
  • One fugitive acts like a five year old.
  • Should Adam have left a tip?
  • Has anyone ever reported a fugitive out of spite before?
  • Who was responsible for the rule change about moving in Series 2?
  • Is it possible to hate cheese?
  • We learn about the Angel of the North.
  • Anthony gets himself banned.
  • Why did they think to look at CCTV in Edinburgh’s public transport hubs?
  • How did Danni get the capture line wrong?
  • Who will we be introduced to next week?
  • And we eulogise Adam.

We will see you next week for Episode 5!

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