Episode #392 – The Amazing Race 3 Episode 1 Recap

Now, this is a surprise! Logan has successfully twisted my arm and convinced me we should dive back into the vaults to cover a classic Amazing Race season! Over the next thirteen episodes, three people who have no choice but to win – Logan, Michelle & I – will be covering every minute detail of a season which Logan knows like the back of his hand – Amazing Race Season 3, beginning with the premiere and elimination of Gina & Sylvia.

In this episode:

  • Why did Logan pick this season?
  • Is this cast really that stacked?
  • What was the biggest twist of this season?
  • We launch our recurring theme of the season.
  • What is the downside of any reality show production?
  • Is it strange to go back and see the old style of introducing teams now?
  • I spot an editors’ joke that begins to set up the season.
  • We try and pick which team we’ll be championing for the season.
  • How much of a big deal were Teri & Ian?
  • Why don’t they cast old people anymore?
  • Does Michelle think that Teri is intense?
  • Logan explains his love for Tramel & Talicia.
  • Why is Andrew’s sexuality the only one really mentioned?
  • What goes into an iconic headturn?
  • Why weren’t Andre & Damon penalised?
  • Is there a better introduction to Flo than an f-bomb being dropped?
  • Did we see Zach’s angriest moment of the season in this episode?
  • How sneaky is the 7-5 flight split?
  • Did Andre & Damon bring their misfortune on themselves?
  • Is there one thing that Amazing Race 32 taught us?
  • Did Ken & Gerard have anything to lose by telling the twins that the Fast Forward had gone?
  • We finally discuss Michelle’s honeymoon.
  • Is Mexico one of the shortest flights ever taken in Leg 1?
  • How much money did Heather & Eve get at the airport?
  • Does Arianne know her quotes?
  • Can we make the Zocalo Square route marker a bit tougher?
  • Why did they get a choice on the bus times?
  • Michelle has a muy rapido trivia question.
  • What do people forget about older seasons?
  • Did Gina & Sylvia get a winner’s quote?
  • Logan talks about his favourite forgotten twist – the Fast Forward.
  • Why did only two teams go for the Fast Forward?
  • Should you have left your bags at the hotel before going for the Fast Forward?
  • Was there a curfew?
  • Who was the first person to throw in the towel?
  • What’s with the skydiving obsession?
  • Would we ever go skydiving?
  • Logan talks about a sponsorship from 2002.
  • Did Teri & Ian change the detour rules?
  • Did Production want everyone to go skydiving?
  • Is Eve worse than Flo?
  • I talk cruises.
  • How did Jill do so badly with driving?
  • Logan stumbles with one tream’s name.
  • Did Gina & Sylvia play the drive to the Pit Stop wrong?
  • We eulogise Gina & Sylvia.
  • And Logan faces a minor revolt.

Thank you for listening – we will be back next week for Episode 2!

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