Episode #393 – Hunted UK Series 1 Episode 5 Recap

Hide the fact you were raised by a Victorian mistress, because we’re back to look at some Hunted history! Over these six weeks, three people who make a point of recording each episode in a vacuum – Anthony, Michelle & myself – are back to recap each episode of the only Hunted series we never covered and look back at the first series where Doug ethically hacked his way into our affections – continuing with the fifth episode and introduction & capture of both Freddie & Jacqui and Emma & Adam.

In this episode:

  • Is there any defence for the editing now?
  • Michelle does some counting to prove how ridiculous the transitions are this episode.
  • How baffling is Freddie & Jacqui’s capture sequence?
  • How should you communicate with the spirit world?
  • We try not to rant…too much.
  • How did I spend a productive evening the night before we recorded?
  • Why does Emily’s story hit home so much?
  • We try and actually break down what on earth happened in Caister.
  • I draw a grid.
  • How long would the Hunters lie in wait for a fugitive?
  • Michelle has a challenge for Nic & Danni.
  • How extraordinary was HQ’s luck with Freddie & Jacqui?
  • Who were the hardest people to find any information on?
  • Did we forget about Adam & Emma?
  • Have we ever had a Porsche on the show before?
  • Should Emma have been allowed to go on the run while pregnant?
  • Why is there so much smoking?
  • Why did we see Stephen & Martin’s swan scene?
  • Was the fishing scene deliberately romantic?
  • Did the editors change after Series 1?
  • We give Emily some praise for the first time this series.
  • Were fugitives required to go home in Series 1?
  • The parents of the podcast have something to say about Emily’s visit home.
  • Was the Chief on the run himself?
  • Did Adam & Emma make a stupid move in taunting the Hunters?
  • Anthony wants to see a double-bluff.
  • What is the logic behind Julie & Toddington being dispatched to catch Adam & Emma?
  • What can we remember about the final episode next week?
  • And did we actually hate this episode?

We will see you next week for the finale!


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