Episode #394 – The Amazing Race 3 Episode 2 Recap

Point, grunt and smile, because Logan has successfully twisted my arm and convinced me we should dive back into the vaults to cover a classic Amazing Race season! Over these thirteen episodes, three people who seem to like talking about these teams – Logan, Michelle & I – are covering every minute detail of a season which Logan knows like the back of his hand – Amazing Race Season 3, continuing with the second episode and elimination of Tramel & Talicia.

In this episode:

  • Were Teri & Ian completely matching?
  • Did Michelle pay attention in the intro this time?
  • Does every team have a “pre-existing relationship” this season?
  • We rejoice at arrival times.
  • We lament the loss of eat, sleep and mingle.
  • There’s another comparison with Season 32.
  • How did they calculate Andre & Damon’s penalty?
  • Why does this episode feel so crammed?
  • How nice is it to see so much driving?
  • Are Aaron & Arianne Producers’ default team for reactions?
  • Was it actually possible to eliminate Derek & Drew?
  • Logan has some faint praise for Heather & Eve.
  • Does this season have the longest self-drive ever?
  • Did Derek & Drew actually complete the Fast Forward?
  • Why did they have to take a bus to Cancun?
  • Is referencing The Rock dated in 2002?
  • Were Teri & Ian and Dennis & Andrew actually irritated that they got overtaken?
  • How did Andre & Damon’s guide get home?
  • Have we ever talked about getting someone from this season on for an interview?
  • Why didn’t Tramel & Talicia do the Fast Forward?
  • Why haven’t we seen much of Michael & Kathy?
  • Arianne’s quick change in the taxi makes us talk about something we’ve sat on for seven years.
  • We discuss bizarre music choices.
  • Logan remembers his jazz music.
  • Is it a really obvious detour choice?
  • How easy is it to tip a jet ski?
  • Is there an obvious weak link in the season?
  • Why are Flo & Zach such great casting?
  • Should Teri & Ian and Tramel & Talicia have been more careful to balance the jet skis?
  • Where could they have left their bags at the detour?
  • Why are John Vito & Jill so underedited?
  • Should Phil keep telling us distances?
  • Are Derek & Drew a force to be reckoned with now?
  • Why are Aaron & Arianne so vicious?
  • Who did Logan want to get eliminated when he was 12?
  • Will Teri & Ian break their archetype?
  • We look ahead to another brutal leg next week.
  • And we eulogise Tramel & Talicia.

Thank you for listening – we will be back next week for Episode 3!

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