Tops and Bottoms: Drag Race Canada Season 2 Episode 2

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11. Eve

*sigh*…Okay, here’s the thing.

I don’t like Eve, which is not an unpopular opinion. Both in the show and out, I think everyone has become very tired of Eve’s shenanigans very quickly. Eve lacks any grace and tact, her motions are loud and obvious, and you can always see the wheels turning in her eyes whenever the show is focusing on her. I don’t buy anything Eve does one bit at face value, and I feel like just dismissing it at that.

But then I feel like… she kind of wins?

Eve is absolute the type of troll who annoys you so much that you block them, to which they post that block as a badge of honor. To Eve, there’s no such thing as bad attention, so any time the show or the other Queens are focused on her is, in her mind, a massive W. And while this would be bad enough if this was just a sincere longing for sympathy like Scarlett, this is just how Eve does it and knows exactly what she’s doing. No matter what, whether I ignore her or engage in her nonsense, I feel like I lose, and I don’t want to feel that way.

Eve’s casting was always a Choice, and I don’t know what her continued existence is going to mean for the rest of the season.


10. Gia

In this episode of Canada’s Drag Race, the role of Gia Metric will be played by legendary Drag Race All Star Laila McQueen.

9. Kendall

Good for Kendall for doing extremely well in a singing challenge despite being a bad singer. It just goes to show that as long as you try your best (and you’re part of the show’s core bankable alliance), you will go far.

8. Synthia

Synthia sealed her fate when she mentioned that she loved musical theater. As we all know, anyone who makes their Drag about loving musical theater are just trying to weaponize their BFAs in it.

7. Kimora

Out of every time a queen has ever had to impersonate Biance del Rio on Drag Race, Kimora is by far… the second best.

Should have won this challenge, Jaidynn was robbed.

6. Stephanie

I haven’t said much of anything on this runway, which was universally agreed to be one of the best runways the show has ever had. I concur absolutely, and while the usual suspects were brought up, I haven’t seen any love given to bearded Stephanie, and she deserves it.

Overall decent episode for Stephanie, even if her reactions to things got a bit annoying by episode’s end.


5. Adriana

Adriana got to have a sad mirror moment and walked out in this stellar look on the runway. But for me, personally, Adriana’s best turn was being the put upon straight man having to navigate both Suki and Océane as the leftover roles. I think this musical was actually really good, but of course all musical challenges have to have the clown roles, pun intended. And the comedy clowns are some of the most insulting rolls the show has ever given out. This isn’t a negative, however, as all three are Tops for a reason: the roles bring out the best of them, even as Adriana is forced to play the “normal’ one. Just the perfect expression of a delightful episode, watching as Adriana sinks into her chair, knowing she’s not winning this challenge.

4. Pythia

There’s been ten page long thesises about why Pythia’s runway is so fucking good, so I’m not going to add anything beyond agreeing it’s one of the best looks of the history of the franchise. Instead, I think Pythia really shone this episode because she shows what good Drag Race is about: she was not afraid to be a clown.

I mentioned this oft-hand with Adriana, but as oppose to literally every other Rusical (I hate this name, for the record) the show has done, Under The Big Top really resonates for what I watch for in Drag in general. I was initially scared with the set-up because there’s glimpses of being grossly self-referential, like the comedy clowns being named Bing, Bang, and Bong. And Drag Race has a rocky relationship with how it views itself: it’s either too delusional to be self-critical, or so self-critical it blankly calls into question how innocent the show is when it gets gross and doesn’t change for the better. Thankfully, the musical is less about Drag Race and more about Drag, period. Specifically, it’s about current day Drag and the facets and genres, making it feel a lot more honest and a lot closer to earth than anything that could come from Fracker. Like these are the best parts about Drag Race Canada, that it’s scrappier and more sincere, and there’s a feeling of people putting their own into it.

Pythia didn’t just win because of her amazing runway, she won because she had no issues letting her freak out. It fits that the winner of this challenge had played a “freak show” clown, because it implies a level of embracing what do have but also what you don’t. Pythia understood the assignment, and you can argue that the win was always going to go to whoever played that character, but I argue that the “scary clown” was only ever going to be done by someone down to let themselves be this vulnerable and “grotesque.” And Pythia was up to the task.

3. Icesis

Like last week, the real charm of Icesis is seeing someone so naturally likable simply exist on Drag Race. We tend to oversimplfy how entertaining someone is in extremes: either they’re lunatics or they’re boring. But that’s not really the case with Icesis, because whether she’s winning the episode or lip syncing for her life, Icesis is always approachable but never dull.

Icesis reacts to things in a very human, if slightly self-depricating way. Not that I think Icesis isn’t confident, but she’s on a season with the likes of the Brat Pack, whose general approach to everything is calculated and dull. There’s a human element that the Brat Pack lacks that just oozes out of the screen everytime Icesis shows up. Not that she’s a loud, over-dynamic personality, because I don’t think that fits her either. She’s not distant or zany, but she’s a tad dorky and tries to remain optimistic even in difficult times. Icesis strikes this rare balance of feeling extremely human, not too over the top but also not robotic. She’s earnest, as seen in her reaction to winning the lip sync, but isn’t alienating.

It’s been a long time since I can remember seeing someone this relatably human on any reality show, let alone Drag Race. And ironically, it’s the thing that really makes Icesis shine.

2. Suki

Everyone and their mother has lost their mind over Pythia, but for my money, this was the best look of the night. I’m a sucker for a graphic print and matching make-up, and in all the best ways Suki looks like a comic book villain. It’s graphic novel villain meets art house horror movie killer, and I’m actually obsessed.

Suki being actually pissed about being a “leftover” is such fun, because she is absolutely right. Suki is refusing to go down the early boot hole the show is starting to peg her with, and the fight is tooth and nail. It’s a weirdly meta story, where Suki’s biggest rival is the show itself trying to vacate her off the premises as seamlessly as possible, and Suki rebelling against it. And with a cast still finding their bearings, Suki versus the show is the best storyline so far.

1. Océane

Yeah no yeah like… calling yourself the gravy because you’re full of cholesterol is exactly what I expect to see from an early boot Drag Race legend.

For only two episode, Océane is a very complete character. The framing wasn’t even on her that much, but when it was she gave you everything. Océane wears every emotion on her sleeve and loves to lighten up any room with a fun story or dumb joke. Even when she’s telling the cast about being abandoned as a baby, she’s extremely cordial and optimistic. There’s no angst or anxiety to Océane, and while that means she was never in for the long haul, it also means that she’s insanely fun to watch and let everyone bounce off her personality.

I pegged Océane an early boot because it’s obvious the show wouldn’t know what to do with her after awhile, but her exit works. She was never the butt of jokes, never had to defend herself, and, even when floundering in a tubetop during the musical, was always treated with respect by the judges and cast. Océane is exactly what you want your second boot to be, and she’s one of Drag Race’s greatest early out legends.

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