Episode #401 – The Amazing Race 3 Episode 6 Recap

Follow Gerard’s sense of direction, because Logan has successfully twisted my arm and convinced me we should dive back into the vaults to cover a classic Amazing Race season! Over these thirteen episodes, three people who would never pay €30 for an entrance fee – Logan, Michelle & I – are covering every minute detail of a season which Logan knows like the back of his hand – Amazing Race Season 3, continuing with the sixth episode and elimination of Aaron & Arianne.

In this episode:

  • Is this another leg that people immediately think of for this season?
  • What is the most iconic moment of this episode?
  • How would they have made the Roadblock harder in more recent seasons?
  • I spot an error in Phil’s “previously on…” segment.
  • Why is Phil obsessed with Teri & Ian being ancient?
  • How well-travelled were they in Morocco?
  • Are Ken & Gerard the team to beat halfway through the season?
  • Why did “Team 911” disappear again?
  • Was a future Racer inspired by Teri & Ian at the Pit Stop?
  • There’s more delicious foreshadowing from the editors.
  • How surprising is it that this episode ends in a blowout?
  • Should Zach have stayed silent over the Fast Forward?
  • Which detour would we have picked?
  • Were Ken & Gerard irritated at being left behind?
  • Should teams RoChamBeau for Fast Forwards?
  • Was going for the Fast Forward the right play for Flo & Zach, Teri & Ian and John Vito & Jill?
  • How is Teri a trailblazer this season?
  • Why were the Pit Stop camera angles so odd?
  • We discuss the infamous Floadblock.
  • There’s some selling Roadblock comparisons.
  • How tough is it to watch the Andre & Damon arrest scene?
  • When is the next time anyone got detained?
  • Why did they go back to Morocco?
  • Who shouted for Jill after the Roadblock?
  • Does Flo come across well at the Roadblock?
  • What on earth was in Aaron & Arianne’s bio?
  • Aaron & Arianne get eulogised.
  • We look forward to next week’s very fun episode.
  • And would current teams get a time credit for being detained?

Thank you for listening – we will be back next week for Episode 7!

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