Episode #402 – Wie is de Mol 2017 Episode 2 Recap

Memento Mori, because we are back for our second season of looking back at Wie is de Mol history, and we’re going back to 2017 with Oregon! Over these nine episodes, two guys who are always described as believable – Logan & myself – are going back through the archives to discuss a very special season that Logan hasn’t even seen – continuing with the second episode and elimination of Yvonne.

In this week’s recap:

  • I start the episode off a bit distracted.
  • Is this one of the best Mole episodes ever?
  • We reveal an idea that we had talked about briefly in 2020.
  • Would we cover a season with a double execution knowingly?
  • Was there coordination with the family photo?
  • I tell my seal story.
  • Does Europe have Blue Herons?
  • What is the next step after “No Child Left Behind”?
  • Is partnering with the Mole a good tactic?
  • We try not to rehash a rant.
  • Jochem gets a little bit of praise.
  • Could everyone just collude?
  • Why were those people kidnapped?
  • Would the Mole want to be kidnapped?
  • Have we ever used a typewriter?
  • Why does Sanne get so close in confessionals?
  • How many advantages were hidden in the claw machine?
  • Could they have used the Zoltar machine?
  • Is the theme park laser game one of Production’s biggest failures ever?
  • How would Logan have done with the theme park challenge?
  • Is Jochem the worst scout ever?
  • How did I forget that Sanne is so good in this episode?
  • Why was Imanuelle having so much fun?
  • Where does the infamous Imanuelle gif come from?
  • Did I overhype Imanuelle?
  • Who had the best tactic in the laser game?
  • How was The Zipper only worth €250?
  • Why did we see so little of Sigrid?
  • We critique some breakfast orders.
  • Is anyone’s favourite drink actually water?
  • Where would you know the courthouse from?
  • How does the Courthouse date this episode?
  • Could someone have run the season?
  • Was there an incentive for Jeroen & Roos to lie?
  • Have we ever seen a baby beaver?
  • How did we know Diederik was lying?
  • Why was the execution location so public?
  • Was Diederik actually stuck in a hotel room?
  • Who beat Yvonne on time?
  • We give our latest (at least in Logan’s case) suspicions.
  • And are Yvonne & Vincent the worst alliance ever?

We’ll see you next week for Episode 3!

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