Episode #403 – The Amazing Race 3 Episode 7 Recap

Get the cleanest four hours sleep of your life, because Logan has successfully twisted my arm and convinced me we should dive back into the vaults to cover a classic Amazing Race season! Over these thirteen episodes, three people who’ve never been accused of being too laid back – Logan, Michelle & I – are covering every minute detail of a season which Logan knows like the back of his hand – Amazing Race Season 3, continuing with the seventh episode and eventual elimination of Andre & Damon.

In this episode:

  • There’s a small celebration as Michelle & I mark one hundred episodes together!
  • Where have we been from this leg?
  • More parts of the intro shots are analysed.
  • How creepy is Kasperle?
  • Are all cats & dogs rabid at night?
  • Why did they give them a single dollar?
  • Was there an easy choice between Paris and Zurich?
  • Would teams be allowed to take a train instead of flying?
  • Are Ken & Gerard under-the-radar?
  • Would we ever tell a booking agent not to book another team on our flight?
  • There’s more praise for Flo’s language skills.
  • Why does everyone hate Andre & Damon?
  • Were the clue writers being a bit passive-aggressive at the Friedensengel?
  • Are Derek & Drew the season’s villains?
  • Was Flo being unreasonable not staying anywhere under €25?
  • We learn about the Eisbach.
  • Should you take a Fast Forward now?
  • Would a Fast Forward like this ever appear on more recent seasons?
  • How did we not know that Ian was scared of heights?
  • Should Derek & Drew feel indebted to Teri?
  • What are Logan’s memories of Derek & Drew’s directional fight?
  • Is this the episode where Ken & Gerard break out as Fan Favourites?
  • Why didn’t Andre & Damon even complete a challenge?
  • Andre & Damon get eulogised.
  • And was this leg meant to be a non-elimination?

Thank you for listening – we will be back next week for Episode 8!

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