Episode #404 – Wie is de Mol 2017 Episode 3 Recap

Work out how to draw the shrug emoji, because we are back for our second season of looking back at Wie is de Mol history, and we’re going back to 2017 with Oregon! Over these nine episodes, two guys who are currently doing laps of a car park – Logan & myself – are going back through the archives to discuss a very special season that Logan hasn’t even seen – continuing with the third episode and elimination of Roos. As a special treat, we’re also joined by Good Friend of the Podcast, David Bindley, for this episode!

In this week’s recap:

  • Bindles goes full Australian.
  • Why does Imanuelle speak for all of us?
  • Did this group cause a new rule to be implemented?
  • How do you combat stealing?
  • Did Sigrid handle the interrogation well?
  • Would Jeroen steal a Mole book?
  • Is it that far-fetched for a clue to the Mole to be on the money?
  • Why did everyone trust Diederik to be their coach?
  • Where would the Mole want to be on the dunes?
  • Could you have a decoy question list?
  • How did it take them so long to break the beach challenge?
  • What would our symbols be?
  • Does the flag make sense for Imanuelle?
  • Was there any chance of them missing the start of the beach challenge?
  • What would they have drawn for Sigrid?
  • Is the beach challenge actually any good?
  • How do you know a challenge is short?
  • Is there any easy way to win the driving challenge?
  • I defend Jochem’s lack of etherdiscipline.
  • Would they have got penalised for Thomas’ driving?
  • Is this the only time Diederik has sung on TV?
  • Logan tries to interpret a clue.
  • Why are executions usually in the day on WIDM?
  • We explain why country music is so big in The Netherlands.
  • Why did we have so little to say about the driving challenge?
  • Roos’ elimination proves atypical for the season so far.
  • We have some insider information for next week.
  • We give our third set of suspicions.
  • And Bindles finally gets a catchphrase.

We’ll see you next week for Episode 4!

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