Episode #405 – The Amazing Race 3 Episode 8 Recap

My God, it’s chilli pepper time, because Logan has successfully twisted my arm and convinced me we should dive back into the vaults to cover a classic Amazing Race season! Over these thirteen episodes, three people who are completely no-nonsense when it comes to finding clues in haybales – Logan, Michelle & I – are covering every minute detail of a season which Logan knows like the back of his hand – Amazing Race Season 3, continuing with the eighth leg and first non-elimination episode.

In this episode:

  • Could Michelle wear contact lenses?
  • Is this a rare Switzerland leg that isn’t rubbish?
  • There’s a little programming note before we get into the episode proper.
  • Why would Derek & Drew decide that all alliances are over?
  • Why did Phil recap all five teams this episode?
  • Michelle says “hay”.
  • Are we sleeping on Zach as an entertaining character?
  • Was there any need to lie to Teri & Ian?
  • I spot another lower third change.
  • How can you tell this was filmed in 2002?
  • Is the Twin Hunt dead?
  • Did John Vito & Jill skirt the distance rules?
  • Was Ian as unpopular as it comes across?
  • Which detour would we have picked?
  • Is a clock a dumb thing to count?
  • Does Ian like being called “dude”?
  • I tell a story I might get in trouble for.
  • How can we contrast the two teams of brothers again?
  • What sort of casting call went out for the William Tell Roadblock?
  • Why did no-one say “may be eliminated”?
  • Can Teri & Ian count?
  • How good is the title quote of this episode?
  • We pick an underrated moment from the episode.
  • Why did no-one try and grab a taxi?
  • We look forward to the little tantrum next week.
  • And how close was the footrace really?

Thank you for listening – we will be back next week for Episode 9!

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