Episode #406 – Wie is de Mol 2017 Episode 4 Recap

Bring in the New Year with disco, because we are back for our second season of looking back at Wie is de Mol history, and we’re going back to 2017 with Oregon! Over these nine episodes, two guys who have been known to walk around dressed for business yoga – Logan & myself – are going back through the archives to discuss a very special season that Logan hasn’t even seen – continuing with the fourth episode and elimination of Sigrid. As an extra treat, Good Friend of the Podcast David Bindley joins us for a second episode this season too!

In this week’s recap:

  • Bindles picks a great episode to join us for once again.
  • Have we ever heard of Pendleton?
  • What does Oregon’s landscape remind us of?
  • Has Imanuelle ever heard of Monty Python?
  • I contemplate putting a trigger warning on the episode.
  • We reluctantly delve into the world of Logan’s video collection.
  • Does Jeroen know how to be intimidating?
  • What Pokémon does Jochem most resemble?
  • We try and guess how Belgie would use Oregon as a location.
  • What is the best tactic for the Round-Up challenge?
  • Was Imanuelle flirting with the Cowgirl?
  • Does it matter where the Mole is in the Round-Up Challenge?
  • Does Imanuelle require Two-Factor Authentication on all bonds?
  • Did Production force them to think about the Treasurer again?
  • Is WIDM the only version that cares about the Treasurer?
  • How many challenges did Bindles give an F to?
  • Why could nobody work out the strategy for the hay bale challenge?
  • Were we missing something with the hay bales?
  • How do you fix the hay bale challenge?
  • Was Oregon a first choice?
  • Can this group just not work together?
  • Are jokers that valuable?
  • Why is Australian TV so weird?
  • How much should you bid for three jokers?
  • Would Olcay have bid for jokers?
  • Does Logan have a connection to this season?
  • Has Jeroen ever seen this show before?
  • Did his performance in the auction challenge win Jeroen the position as Mole?
  • Who spread the rumour about individual pots in the auction?
  • What was wrong with Diederik in the auction?
  • Why am I like the auctioneer?
  • Jeroen is banned from playing Blackjack.
  • How far will one joker get you?
  • Is Sigrid the most heartbroken person ever to get executed?
  • Logan spots a sneaky editor’s joke.
  • There’s the next set of suspicions.
  • And why can’t we speculate on who’s going home next?

We’ll see you next week for Episode 5!

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