Episode #432 – De Mol België Canary Islands Episode 5 Recap

Find out your family history of sleep-talking, as Best Friend of the Podcast Papa Bear Gilles de Coster invites another ten candidates to join him in some challenges, deception and ultimately friendship, this time in the Canary Islands! As always, one of them has a second motive – to sabotage and restrict the pot as much as possible, whilst avoiding the searching gaze of both their fellow players and the public. Each week, two guys who podcast first and ask questions later – Logan & I – are attempting to uncover the truth behind the lies and who we will be sharing a croque with, continuing with the fifth episode and elimination of Bert.

In this episode:

  • We prepare for a mystery location next week.
  • How big will the finale be?
  • Why don’t we say Flanders?
  • I discuss the logic puzzle-shaped elephant in the room.
  • Is it nice to have a reasonably normal episode again?
  • Did someone have a breakout this week?
  • What was the timeline of Philippe’s quit?
  • How would we expect a new Mole to act?
  • When is a briefing not a briefing?
  • What is the “big surprise” at Paleis 12 going to be?
  • Have we ever had a set of loved ones that are almost all significant others?
  • Who would Toon’s loved one have been?
  • We exclusively reveal one of next week’s assignments.
  • Can we work out the waterpark’s maximum?
  • Is there a hidden logic to letting the loved ones sabotage too?
  • How should the new Mole and their loved ones play the waterpark challenge?
  • Did the Mole’s loved one know where all the tubes were?
  • Why did they show Manu opening the tube?
  • Can we see Anke or Uma making final three?
  • Is Kristof the first loved one to take over a challenge?
  • Did the Mole want to be the shooter?
  • Logan steals the episode title from under my nose.
  • How would the Mole play it if they were most-suspected in the paintball challenge?
  • Why didn’t we see something that Germany Jens would have had to practice?
  • Can we build a house of cards?
  • Who did we suspect going into the execution?
  • When was the last actual red screen?
  • Does Bert have any regrets for revealing he heard Philippe sleep-talking?
  • How should you play this first test of a new phase?
  • There is the latest update to our Pool, as well as more information on Second Suspicions (which you can fill in at the link below!)
  • We reveal who we suspect.
  • And who will be going home next week?

As Bert was eliminated, my team is now Sven & Yens and Logan’s is Anke, Manu & Uma. This is the final week that any Switches can happen, and with Bert’s elimination Logan is now guaranteed to have at least one team member in the finale.

With Philippe’s departure last week, there was a Mole vacancy – and as a result, it wasn’t fair to keep up First Suspicions. For the first time ever, Second Suspicions is live! You can submit your new suspicion on who the Mole is until the next episode airs on Sunday and for the final three weeks of the season, those stats are what we’ll use.

See you next week!

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