Episode #436 – De Mol België Canary Islands Reunion Recap

Be suspicious of the whistles, as Best Friend of the Podcast Papa Bear Gilles de Coster invites another ten candidates to join him in some challenges, deception and ultimately friendship, this time in the Canary Islands! As always, one of them has a second motive – to sabotage and restrict the pot as much as possible, whilst avoiding the searching gaze of both their fellow players and the public. Each week, two guys who always hang upside down from a tractor before podcasting – Logan & I – have been attempting to uncover the truth behind the lies and who we will be sharing a croque with, concluding with the reunion episode.

In this episode:

  • We recap what we’ve been up to in the last fortnight, featuring an almost-kidnapping, a potential shoplifting and a nightmare airport scenario.
  • One of us nearly becomes the Mole’s final victim.
  • There is a bit of housekeeping to deal with.
  • We make a plea to the network.
  • How did Philippe not know who the Mole was?
  • Why didn’t they mention that Philippe was an intruder?
  • Did Uma’s persuasive skills at the Tied Destinies Dinner influence Production to make her the second Mole?
  • The tables turn as I get some post-season vindication.
  • We give Production more praise for how they handled Philippe’s exit.
  • Did the reunion rehabilitate the season for us?
  • Would Anke have won?
  • What was Uma’s ultimate sabotage?
  • Did I spot a clue?
  • Yens invests in some heavy machinery.
  • Are any of the hidden clues good?
  • An old friend pops by.
  • Why didn’t we see Jens ignore the phone?
  • We try and work out the timeline of the first challenge.
  • Something happens that Logan has been waiting years for.
  • How many people should you suspect each week?
  • Will Sven name an animal after Anke?
  • How would we rank this season?
  • I explain how successful Uma was as a Mole.
  • And we reveal what’s next (after Hunted stops messing us around)!

See you next week for Hunted UK Series 6 and in June for our first Historians season of the year!

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