Episode #437 – Hunted Series 6 Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

Eleven new fugitives are on the run all across the UK, and three people who are lovely, but clearly useless – Anthony, Michelle & I – are back for our seventh year on the trot to talk about them! Over these three big weeks, we are recapping the highs, lows and Dr Donnas New Chiefs of the sixth UK Hunt, beginning with the first two episodes and capture of Elinor and Meurig.

In our recap:

  • Michelle is excitable.
  • What have Anthony & Michelle been up to?
  • I have a slight problem with the scheduling of this series (made even worse by finding out it’s double episodes every week after we recorded this!)
  • Has the Heist been cancelled?
  • We lay the ground rules down about talking about the new Chief.
  • Do the ground hunters need to learn BSL?
  • Have the rules changed about islands?
  • Why would you start on the Isle of Wight?
  • We try and work out why it’s only a 23-day Hunt.
  • Is it strange to see people wearing masks now?
  • Has Lisa already been hanging around Dr Steve Hersee for too long?
  • Will Sarah just get targeted?
  • Are Meurig & Elinor fans of the show?
  • Is there a tonal shift in HQ this series?
  • Is it worth me just guessing that every couple will get engaged this series?
  • Why did the Hunters need to chase them on the Isle of Wight?
  • Have they limited Dr Donna’s appearances because of us/Michelle?
  • Sarah’s phrase baffles one brain.
  • Did Meurig & Elinor get trafficked?
  • Will Nathan & James realise that the Hunters can read their conversations on cameras?
  • Are Nathan & James’ crew BSL speakers?
  • Is anyone likely to split up?
  • Am I really that predictable?
  • Anthony creates a new Hunted rule.
  • Michelle learns some more British slang.
  • Has our favourite Hunter had a promotion?
  • There is the return of our frequent discussions about sheep testicles.
  • When did everyone get their bags?
  • Would Meurig & Elinor have got engaged?
  • How did Sarah get a van?
  • Is Sarah off-limits?
  • Anthony gives us a quick bout of trivia.
  • What is the biggest issue with Meurig & Elinor going to his sister’s house?
  • Why didn’t they just save both Meurig & Elinor for the second episode?
  • JP is absolved from butchering the catchphrase.
  • Were Lisa’s insults based on anything we saw?
  • How do we know someone’s going to win?
  • Do we know where Bitchfield is?
  • Why are they so vague on some of the relationships?
  • Did the weather betray a cliffhanger?
  • Anil gets a lot of praise for how he dealt with an interrogation.
  • Did Katie & Liam say they’d do urban exploration on their application?
  • What is the difference between urban exploring and being delinquent?
  • The Editors get praise for doing a cute joke (rather than showing us sheep testicles).
  • How would Bleks or Sherlock react to being shown a bare arse?
  • Are Nathan & James going to keep taunting HQ?
  • Was the searching Debbie’s house scene confusing?
  • Is there a new giveaway that Fugitives are in the area, thanks to COVID?
  • Are Fugitives now allowed to use WhatsApp?
  • Will Katie & Liam get away?
  • Who will get caught next week?
  • Where were the Wanted posters?
  • And who do we think will win?

We will be back next week as the Hunt continues with Episodes 3 & 4!

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