Episode #438 – Hunted Series 6 Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

Give your head a wobble, because eleven new fugitives are on the run all across the UK, and three people who know all the kids’ events – Anthony, Michelle & I – are back for our seventh year on the trot to talk about them! Over these three big weeks, we are recapping the highs, lows and Dr Donnas New Chiefs of the sixth UK Hunt, continuing with the third & fourth episodes and capture of Liam, Katie, Amarinder & Shoba.

In our recap:

  • We begin with the most chaotic intro we’ve ever done, and it’s all Michelle’s fault.
  • There’s a little bit of housekeeping to deal with after last episode…
  • I put my foot down.
  • We rebrand the podcast slightly.
  • Were Katie & Liam wrong to go to the abandoned ski slope?
  • The first two cliffhangers are a little underwhelming.
  • Why did they need to focus on the salt bin?
  • Have they toned down the putdowns?
  • Why do we keep being told HQ will look daft if Abi & Grace win?
  • We try and work out the timeline on Abi & Grace’s potential capture.
  • How does Michelle motivate her children?
  • Floyd gets a breakout episode.
  • Were HQ relying on nobody recognising the new ground Hunters?
  • What were Katie & Liam’s first thoughts on being caught?
  • Is this series stacked with great NPCs?
  • Why does Lisa dislike Amarinder?
  • Anthony gets beard envy.
  • Michelle reveals her system for categorising some notes.
  • Have they always been allowed to backtrack?
  • Lisa gets ideas above her station.
  • Were HQ just following the script to find Vikash’s phone?
  • Could you live stream Hunted?
  • When is a coincidence just editing?
  • Is it a known thing in the deaf community for there to mistrust of people who can hear?
  • Was Sarah always going to go to the football club?
  • Could Dean have missed the GPS?
  • Sarah does something for the first time since Series 1.
  • Was there our first instance of monkeying with the timeline this series?
  • Amarinder does something very Sydney.
  • Does Amarinder & Shoba’s capture scene prove why episodes need time to breathe?
  • Will Amarinder go back for retribution?
  • Did Shaz nearly rebel?
  • Was Lisa’s comment to Amarinder cut?
  • Michelle has a foul accusation.
  • Can Grace & Abi get to the end?
  • What is the extent of WhatsApp that is allowed?
  • How will Grace & Abi celebrate their mum’s birthday?
  • I fulfil a promise I made on Twitter.
  • We talk about fugitives’ dogs from Series gone by.
  • Nathan & James prove why they’re good fugitives.
  • Does Jason know he’s a DILF?
  • Why was Jason on monitoring?
  • We extol the virtues of Catherine.
  • Michelle reveals what she’d do if Hunted AU came to New South Wales.
  • Ant spoils a joke.
  • It’s a bad week for fugitives’ loved ones.
  • How did the Hunters get the Instagram login details?
  • Why do they have to replicate the powers of the state?
  • How did they know to go to the pub?
  • Michelle learns a new phrase.
  • When is a horse not a person?
  • How were Grace & Abi not stopped from walking down a motorway?
  • We lock in our final predictions of who will win.
  • Will Grace & Abi get caught straight away?
  • Do we know the extraction point?
  • And has the scheduling of this series made it look worse in comparison?

We will be back next week as the Hunt concludes!

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