Episode #439 – Hunted Series 6 Episodes 5 & 6 Recap

Warm to someone who’s just having a go at Marc, because eleven new fugitives are on the run all across the UK, and three grown adults playing games – Anthony, Michelle & I – are back for our seventh year on the trot to talk about them! Over these big three weeks, we have been recapping the highs, lows and Dr Donnas New Chiefs of the sixth UK Hunt, concluding with the final two episodes, capture of Abi, Grace & James and escape of Nathan & Sarah.

In our recap:

  • How have our respective weeks been?
  • I hate to be smug.
  • How much were we really spoiled this series?
  • We talk about Rob’s video.
  • A Hunter does an AMA.
  • We compare the winner edits.
  • There is the first bit of actual monkeying with the timeline.
  • Have we ever had a winner use tactics quite like James & Nathan?
  • We get an answer from a query we had last week.
  • Michelle learns about onion rings.
  • Have they tempered Lisa’s antagonism?
  • Anthony is disappointed when someone gets a confessional.
  • Why did Sarah keep talking about being in the Army?
  • How does the Chief being on the radio work?
  • What do we think of Sarah’s decoy?
  • Karl gets decoyed again.
  • Michelle talks about an arm.
  • We defend Marc’s honour.
  • Did the train fault save James & Nathan?
  • Have we become too predictable on social media?
  • Ant knows his Nottinghamshire.
  • There is a surprise next time trailer.
  • I have a fun fact leading into the finale.
  • Michelle has questions about the Angel of the North.
  • How will Sarah’s seemingly easy ride affect future fugitives?
  • Did overlooking Nathan cost HQ dearly?
  • There’s a big old First World Problem.
  • An Episode 1 query is finally answered.
  • We praise the public (for once!)
  • Is the “North-South Divide” a thing?
  • Was Nathan & James’ last taunt one taunt too far?
  • Could the Overt Agent have ended the boys’ time on the run?
  • Did they forget to hide the Overt Agent’s identity?
  • What is so unique about James’ capture scene?
  • There’s a live rewatch as Michelle needs to hear an insult.
  • Another record is broken by Nathan.
  • A series-long plan is revealed.
  • Anthony loses touch with the common man (must be very nice!)
  • What two things make a perfect Hunted finale?
  • How did the Hunters get a boat?
  • Michelle regrets her home furnishings.
  • What is the rule for extraction?
  • How did we react to the ending?
  • What did Nathan do with his share?
  • What did we think of the series as a whole?
  • Is there any chance we’ll be covering Hunted Australia?
  • And we try and get Michelle to say something nice about the Chief.

We will be back very soon for more episodes, beginning on Wednesday June 29th with Wie is de Mol: Japan (or June 22nd if you subscribe to our Patreon)! You can also watch Rob’s video at this link, but for the moment – Your Time on the Run…is over.

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