Episode #442 – Wie is de Mol 2010 Episode 3 Recap

Go all Coyote Ugly on it, because we are back for our third season of looking back at Wie is de Mol history, and we’re going all the way back to 2010 with Japan! Over these nine episodes, two guys who may just be naive – Logan & I – are going back through the archives to discuss a very special season that both of us love – continuing with the third episode, mysterious elimination of Manuel and decision by the group to save Barbara.

In this week’s recap:

  • Logan accidentally spoils something.
  • There is a bit of housekeeping that we need to get to.
  • Someone does a heel turn.
  • Was it public knowledge that Manuel would be leaving?
  • We try and rehabilitate the driving school challenge.
  • Is there a way to win the driving school challenge?
  • Does Hind ever do well?
  • Is Pieter Jan just as good in the driving school?
  • Was Sanne deliberately antagonising Kim?
  • Is there an optimal Moling position for the driving school challenge?
  • Should anyone have to tell you to stop at a level crossing?
  • I try and head off a complaint.
  • Peggy makes another cameo.
  • Why did Karel leave WIDM?
  • Did Angela recommend the garden?
  • Logan learns something about Patagonia.
  • I no-sell some puns.
  • An old friend makes an appearance.
  • We request a new tradition.
  • Were Angela & Karel allowed to pick Manuel?
  • Did they need to air the laundry scene?
  • Was this episode always going to be a non-elimination?
  • Could Tim have been brought back in Manuel’s place?
  • I give a lesson on Topitos.
  • What would have happened if there was a tie in the topito game?
  • Is the non-elimination twist the ideal situation for a Mole to be in?
  • We eulogise Manuel, unlike the show.
  • Does the non-elimination twist rule Barbara out?
  • And we discuss what the Mole actually did this episode.

We’ll see you next week for Episode 4!

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