Episode #445 – Wie is de Mol 2010 Episode 6 Recap

Stay in your existing tunnel, because we are back for our third season of looking back at Wie is de Mol history, and we’re going all the way back to 2010 with Japan! Over these nine episodes, two guys who always talk about Indonesian girly stuff – Logan & I – are going back through the archives to discuss a very special season that both of us love – continuing with the sixth episode and legally-mandated non-elimination episode.

In this week’s recap:

  • Is the Meet the Mole challenge the best in WIDM history?
  • Will we be taking a four-week break like the season did?
  • Hind gets a eulogy roast.
  • Did Hind do WIDM to further her career?
  • Do we ever find out who would have gone home this episode?
  • Why does Pieter Jan love waiting for people on top of tall staircases?
  • Does Frits deserve the hate he gets?
  • Were editors burying Sanne in the first challenge?
  • The temple challenge proves confusing.
  • Can we defend Sanne’s Choice?
  • We lose a sound clip.
  • Logan tries to remember the logic behind the photo exhibit.
  • I extol the virtues of a surprise Meet the Mole challenge.
  • How long did everyone have to sit outside the photo exhibit?
  • Was it logical to make Frits be the one person who is completely unmonitored on the river?
  • Why did Frits do so well on the river?
  • Should anyone have been surprised by a non-elimination appearing?
  • Who did Kim rule out?
  • Why did everyone need to look at Pieter Jan?
  • Should Arjen have played a joker or paid not to see his screen?
  • We discuss what the Mole did and are more confused by Sanne’s decision than we were before.
  • And we try and work out who should have got the red screen, and there is a delicious bit of foreshadowing.

We’ll see you next week for Episode 7!

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