Episode #448 – Wie is de Mol 2010 Finale & Reunion Recap

Absorb suspicion at the last second, because we are back for our third season of looking back at Wie is de Mol history, and we’re going all the way back to 2010 with Japan! Over these nine episodes, two guys who think about Erik a lot – Logan & I – are going back through the archives to discuss a very special season that both of us love – concluding with the final two episodes and reveal of Kim as the Mole!

In this week’s recap:

  • Is this our longest season ever?
  • How different is the final three episode?
  • When was the reunion filmed?
  • Were the interrogations necessary?
  • I take the opportunity to mock Mole Australia 6 again.
  • Did Erik helping Frits win him the season?
  • Was anyone hiding their suspicions at Final Three?
  • Logan talks about an ORG.
  • Does Kim deserve her lower-tier Mole reputation?
  • Who shot Sanne Vogel?
  • Did Tim borrow his dad’s suit for the reunion?
  • What would we have asked the other finalists?
  • We deal with current affairs.
  • Frits takes some unnecessary credit.
  • Why did Frits have pants on his mind?
  • When is an orchestra not musical?
  • The episode becomes more linear.
  • Were the Ninjas a bit restricted?
  • How many Ninjas were there?
  • Is Kim now friends with a Ninja?
  • Has Logan been to the Ninja Park?
  • The episode gets dated again.
  • Why does this season have so many unanswered questions?
  • How well does Frits perform in this episode?
  • Do we like it when the final test is done face-to-face?
  • We try not to get cancelled for repeating some remarks.
  • How would this show change if Hind was the host?
  • Is Arjen’s blindspot understandable?
  • We talk about De Slimste Mens.
  • Should the final test ever be determined on time?
  • How rare is it for a Mole to have an alliance where the alliance member doesn’t win?
  • We brainstorm a new tiebreaker.
  • People at the reunion try and rewrite history.
  • Why did we see so many of Kim’s sabotages and attempts?
  • We pull the WIDM subreddit up on their opinions.
  • A rule gets broken.
  • Do we need to go through all the sabotages?
  • Would Kim be more popular without Frits having been there?
  • Are the hidden clues worth talking about?
  • Why did Pieter Jan have a wodge of notes?
  • What did we think of the season upon a rewatch?
  • Does WIDM need inspiring locations again?
  • Should anyone have come back for Renaissance?
  • Did Frits open Pandora’s Box?
  • Why has no other version used Japan?
  • And we look towards the future – and our next Wie is de Mol season.

We’ll see you very soon for more episodes!

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