Episode #457 – Wie is de Mol 2014 Finale & Reunion Recap

Apologise to everyone watching this, because we are back for our fourth season of looking back at Wie is de Mol history, and we’re going all the way back to 2014 with Hong Kong & Philippines! Over these nine episodes, three guys who inspire greatness in each other – Logan, Bindles & I – are going back through the archives to discuss a very important season in WIDM canon – and one that gave also us Tygo – concluding with the final two episodes and reveal of Susan as the Mole!

In this week’s recap:

  • Bindles & I rejoice in Logan’s misfortune.
  • Did we actually enjoy the last two episodes?
  • How did Sofie nearly go home?
  • Entire episodes get ignored.
  • A title mystery is solved.
  • Was I being a little too unsubtle?
  • We can finally talk about suspicions.
  • Bindles was waiting for Tygo to skinny dip.
  • Logan talks about his retirement plans.
  • There’s an observation test.
  • Did Susan know about Tygo’s envelope heist?
  • Was it in Susan’s interest to force a non-elimination at Final Five?
  • I have a renewed love of Sofie.
  • We wonder why Art picked on Freek so much.
  • Do Production want all the finalists to find the Mole?
  • Was this the first season with everyone together for the reveal?
  • The womens’ alliance rears its ugly head again.
  • Has anyone ever played like Sofie does?
  • Did Sofie & Susan need each other?
  • We examine Tygo as a two-season character.
  • Logan learns something about Nikkie.
  • Tygo’s montage is a thing of beauty.
  • Do we like the final challenge?
  • Logan accidentally tries to stump us.
  • Why was the Final Test only twenty questions long?
  • The Final Test has zero suspense.
  • Did Sofie lie more than the Mole did?
  • How was it so difficult to pick Susan?
  • We pitch another all-star season.
  • Everybody’s aging.
  • We praise the Vondelkerk.
  • Has Freek broken my love of Finale Fashion?
  • We try and work out the various dating timelines of WIDM contestants.
  • Art gets a large amount of praise.
  • Why did we only see basic sabotages?
  • We talk about Aaf being awesome again.
  • How did Susan stay undetected?
  • Is it tough to be the Mole?
  • Does accusing someone right back make you instantly sus?
  • Why did people hate Jan-Willem?
  • How did I know it was Susan?
  • Where did Susan place on the Mole poll?
  • Susan has a connection with another Mole we’ve talked about.
  • Logan gets caught out not paying enough attention to me having gone to the Mole finale once upon a time.
  • We finally talk suspicions.
  • Are we paid to praise Mole seasons?
  • And what’s next?

We’ll see you on January 11th for Wie is de Mol 2023!


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