Episode #459 – Wie is de Mol 2023 Episode 2 Recap

Win by the most bullshit rule possible, because we are back for Wie is de Mol 2023’s return visit to South Africa! Over these ten episodes, two guys who are always looking for the right blue man – Bindles & I – are putting everything on the Table (Mountain) in an effort to uncover the Mole in this twenty-third season of Wie is de Mol – continuing with the second episode and elimination of Froukje (and technically Sarah as well).

In this week’s recap:

  • We’re worryingly invested in this season.
  • There’s a bit of a catch-up on something we should have done last week.
  • I made a fool of myself in a pub.
  • Where in the world is Logan Saunders?
  • Did the Mole actually ring Sarah?
  • We wonder if anything changed in the intro.
  • Is Daniël letting the side down a bit?
  • We’re still completely at sea with suspects.
  • How do we feel about the return challenge?
  • Where were the shock pads?
  • Did Sarah care about returning?
  • We issue a rare double shoutout.
  • How would the Mole play the first challenge?
  • Was it a good tactic to not care about the drone?
  • Is Rik the best host for a second exit interview?
  • Could there be a budding romance?
  • Was it nice to bitch about Ranomi’s running skills?
  • When did people last wear neckerchiefs?
  • Is there an optimum place for the Mole to be in the mural challenge?
  • Bindles gets quizzed.
  • Did we spot a clue?
  • Was the rebus puzzle a bit of a lost cause?
  • Who does Daniël actually suspect?
  • Bindles gloats.
  • Froukje gets (briefly) eulogised.
  • There is the first update to our Pool.
  • A record continues.
  • I make a prediction.
  • We talk First Suspicions.
  • Who do we suspect?
  • Bindles really wants it to be a woman.
  • And who was suspicious pre-season?

In the predictions pool, our teams have finally been drawn!

Logan Froukje Ranomi Sander
Michael Daniël Anke Nabil
Michelle Soy Jurre Annick
Not chosen Sarah

However, there was an elimination…

Logan has – for the fourth time running – become the first person to lose a team member, meaning he now has just Ranomi & Sander. My team is still Daniël, Anke & Nabil and Michelle’s team is Soy, Jurre & Annick.

You can also take part in the all-new Bother’s Bar Suspect List here.

Thank you for listening – we’ll see you next week for more Mole Hunting!


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