Episode #462 – Wie is de Mol 2023 Episode 5 Recap

Accidentally summon a choir, because we are back for Wie is de Mol 2023’s return visit to South Africa! Over these ten episodes, two guys who always try to ask the exact questions that you’re looking for – Bindles & I – are putting everything on the Table (Mountain) in an effort to uncover the Mole in this twenty-third season of Wie is de Mol – continuing with the fifth episode and cliffhanger elimination.

In this week’s recap:

  • Bindles gets an obvious intro.
  • Where is Logan this week?
  • Who has Logan suspected so far?
  • I brave googling someone’s name.
  • Soy is a trailblazer.
  • Did they need to take that long to place money?
  • Would the Mole want to be sidelined?
  • Is Jurre too obvious?
  • Why didn’t we know Daniël & Nabil are close?
  • I spot something very interesting about the music they chose to introduce a challenge.
  • Why were some of the descriptions a bit passive-aggressive?
  • Production get a small amount of credit for their pun work.
  • How would they have dealt with Sarah’s return?
  • What is the best tactic for the church challenge?
  • Was there a time limit for the church challenge?
  • Did the congregation know their own facts?
  • Is “bear” a universal word?
  • We try and not laugh about Anke’s introduction to a deaf woman.
  • Who was meant to leave early?
  • Bindles earns his keep.
  • WIDM is compared to Limitless Win.
  • Would anyone be a satisfying winner at this point?
  • Have we got an El Salvador/Nicaragua situation on our hands?
  • Where is the pay-off for the fuck bond?
  • There’s a quiz!
  • Jurre writes too much.
  • We celebrate the return of split challenges.
  • There’s a brief tour through history.
  • Is “Katie” malevolent?
  • Could the Josh Train Game have a new contender for the crown?
  • Is there some more bullshit coming?
  • Was there a clue in the Haunted Hotel?
  • Where was the jumpscare?
  • How interesting was the second challenge?
  • There’s a minor caveat to the season maximums.
  • The mystery of the non-red screen continues.
  • Did anyone get what they wanted out of the Haunted Hotel challenge?
  • We praise the non-elimination.
  • There’s a warning for next week.
  • Will Ranomi be the runner-up?
  • Is Logan seeing something we’re not about Jurre?
  • The remaining boot order gets predicted.
  • Who do we suspect?
  • I face a dilemma.
  • Did we see a rubber duck?
  • There’s a pie in the sky theory.
  • And Logan’s suspicions take a bit of a turn.

In the predictions pool, literally nothing happened – Logan still has Ranomi, Michelle has Soy & Jurre and I have Daniël, Anke & Nabil.

You can also take part in the all-new Bother’s Bar Suspect List here.

Thank you for listening – we’ll see you next week for more Mole Hunting!


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