Episode #465 – Wie is de Mol 2023 Episode 8 Recap

We can’t all be winners, because we are back for Wie is de Mol 2023’s return visit to South Africa! Over these ten episodes, two guys who are better in concept than execution – Bindles & I – are putting everything on the Table (Mountain) in an effort to uncover the Mole in this twenty-third season of Wie is de Mol – continuing with the eighth episode and cliffhanger elimination.

In this week’s recap:

  • How do we even cover this week’s episode?
  • Papa Bear has already shamed us.
  • Is anyone not on Jurre?
  • Why isn’t the reunion in Amsterdam?
  • I genuinely forget where Logan is.
  • Safari Stories!
  • Daniël speaks for us all.
  • Why does Soy have an edit again?
  • Is history repeating itself?
  • What is the legacy of holding over the last execution until the finale?
  • Is there anything redeeming about the photography challenge?
  • Why are Soy’s photography skills so well known?
  • Had we heard of the world-famous photographer?
  • What is the obsession with the word “triptych”?
  • Production were potentially a bit reckless.
  • Bindles has another tough question to ask.
  • Rik gets cast in more seasons.
  • Where were the elephants?
  • Have we solved the episode title?
  • Why did Jurre go for a butt theme?
  • What is the main positive of this season?
  • Has the experimentation paid off?
  • Why has the season felt a bit flat?
  • Will history look kindly on this season?
  • I pre-empt a criticism.
  • What is the main issue with the photography challenge?
  • Have they had to take tests after one assignment before?
  • Is this the first usage of the full test music this season?
  • Did they pad this episode a little?
  • There’s another unnecessary journey.
  • We’ve been having map problems (I feel bad for you son!)
  • How long has Daniël not been spreading for?
  • Is the laser game a bit tough to follow?
  • Did losing Jurre’s tag rule Code 3 out?
  • How many options for tags were there?
  • We rattle through the Pool, First Suspicions and our own suspicions.
  • And what is the only reason Bindles is here?

In the predictions pool, nothing has changed – leaving my team as Jurre & Daniël, Logan’s as Ranomi and Michelle’s as Soy.

You can also take part in the all-new Bother’s Bar Suspect List here.

Thank you for listening – we’ll see you next week for more Mole Hunting!


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