Episode #471 – De Mol België Arizona Episode 4 Recap

Depress your sister, as Best Friend of the Podcast Papa Bear Gilles de Coster invites another ten candidates to join him in some challenges, deception and ultimately friendship, this time in Arizona! As always, one of them has a second motive – to sabotage and restrict the pot as much as possible, whilst avoiding the searching gaze of both their fellow players and the public. Each week, two guys who have already forgotten what ‘goed gedaan’ means – Logan & I – are attempting to uncover the truth behind the lies and who will be replacing us halfway through the season, continuing with the fourth episode and elimination of Leïla.

In this episode:

  • How are Production feeling halfway through?
  • There are some parish notices!
  • What’s happened at Harmstone Heights this week?
  • Logan gets interrogated.
  • We slightly narrow down this year’s Mole Historians.
  • Scotland gets an apology.
  • How old is Thomas?
  • Did everyone get the Back to the Future reference?
  • I cling onto my youth.
  • Are people being miserable about Mario?
  • There’s some trivia shame.
  • We read the newspaper.
  • Have Production been pandering to us again?
  • Would we have known the elements?
  • Did the Mole enter the bunker?
  • Should the group of five have expected a twist?
  • Logan has some experience with the bunker challenge.
  • Did Ruben stick out in the bunker?
  • Could the Mole have done anything in the Bunker?
  • Is Lieselot a bit of an advantage block?
  • Were Thomas & Toos allowed to guess?
  • De Mol gets a new title.
  • We bring back a fan-favourite joke.
  • There’s a question for Gilles.
  • Is tiramisu a pastry?
  • Logan makes a good save.
  • What was missing from the GERT?
  • Would we have wanted to play Bingo?
  • How come Lancelot didn’t introduce himself properly?
  • Would the Mole want to play Bingo?
  • Is Lancelot having fun?
  • Ruben has some more awkward interactions.
  • Who from this cast would you want to hit you in the face?
  • Were some of the zoo questions a callback?
  • Is it easy to explain België to people?
  • How do we feel about the twist?
  • Does the twist improve because everyone knew beforehand?
  • Is getting the red screen an advantage?
  • How do you turn back time in style?
  • Why did Comfort only travel back six questions?
  • Would we have helped Comfort?
  • Is there a scenario in which Leïla wouldn’t have helped?
  • Would they ever give the Mole a red screen?
  • Could Comfort have done more with her power?
  • There are the latest updates to Pool and First Suspicions.
  • Who do we suspect?
  • Is the Mole going to be male?
  • And who’s leaving next week?

In the predictions pool, Logan has lost his second person, meaning he now only has Ruben & Thomas. I still have Lancelot, Comfort, Toos & Lieselot.

You can also take part in the Bother’s Bar Suspect List here.

Thank you for listening – we’ll see you next week for more Mole Hunting!


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