Episode #475 – Diary of a Mole (Finale) II

Back to shame himself once more, Michael returns to Kinepolis for another De Mol België finale event, giving you a peek behind the curtain of what goes into a finale – as well as chatting to Best Friend of the Podcast, Gilles de Coster and the Mole themselves!

In this episode:

  • I right a wrong from last time we visited Antwerp.
  • There is a bit of a realisation about the downside of Historians.
  • Gilles compliments my setup.
  • Was België ever going to Russia?
  • How do we get away with telling some of our jokes?
  • What is the secret of producing such a good version of Mole?
  • Gilles has been talking about us again.
  • Is Season 12 a go?
  • Was this Comfort’s first application?
  • What was her favourite assignment?
  • Who was she most worried about?
  • How did she react to the Matteo news?
  • What was the closest she came to being discovered?
  • And I walk around hiding a secret.

Thank you to Gilles, Lies & all at Play4 for inviting us, and thank you for listening – we’ll see you on Thursday for the Finale recap!


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