Welcome to the official site for the You are Team No.? Podcast – home of the world’s best international Amazing Race podcast. We are five people – a Brit (Michael), a Canadian (Logan), a Malaysian (Eamon) and two Australians (Ben and Michelle) and between us, we cover every English-language Amazing Race season.

Michael is a 22 year-old Brit with love of Radio and programmes which his parents would categorise as “SCOO” (Some Crap Or Other). This has led him to set out to discover and be horrid about multiple countries’ game shows and Reality TV shows, and makes him a perfect candidate to be “so mean” about seasons of The Amazing Race. He is an expert on typing about himself in the third-person. Outside of Amazing Race, Michael enjoys most North American reality TV, Nintendo video games, quiz shows and being a body double for the Green Giant. He is also responsible for editing the audio for all of our uploads, as well as producing the banners and thumbnails used in all the shows.

Logan is a rare breed of Canadian – he’s mean, but of course he apologises for it afterwards! Logan is the internet’s foremost Amazing Race expert – he is working on his pet project covering every episode of every English-language Amazing Race season on his blog, which just so happens to be the supacoowackiest the internet has ever seen. Outside of the internet, he spends his days winning $50 bets from his brothers by running Mayrathons and making terrible puns.

Michelle has been a tragic TAR fan from the day it first aired back in 2001. She competes in day races, has all manner of paraphernalia and even has the theme as her ringtone. She wants to be on the show so that YATNcast can mock her mercilessly.

Eamon is our Malaysian Jeanne – he is personally responsible for everything in the world that has gone wrong and will go wrong. You can be certain that if a question needs to be asked, Eamon will ask it, regardless of how appropriate it is.

Ben was our late arrival – he joined us to cover the Australian Race, and now he’s part of the furniture! Outside of Amazing Race seasons, Ben is currently working on a project where he covers every season of reality TV chronologically.

Together, these five people have covered six seasons of Amazing Race since December 2013, as well as Canadian Big Brother and to a lesser extent, The Big Adventure (or at least one episode of it). There have been two pairings that have met up – Michael & Logan in Vancouver in 2014 and Ben & Michelle in Australia in 2015. Together, they have spoken about reality TV for more hours than it takes to travel the world, assuming you’re not going by aeroplane, mocked more contestants than there are people who listen to some podcasts (usually including our own, let’s be honest!) and interviewed more former racers than there are Beatles who are still alive. Join us for more shows recorded every Sunday & Friday. You can also subscribe on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/you-are-team-no.-podcast/id1001730968?mt=2


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