Episode #334 – The Amazing Race 32 Season Preview

Grab all the badass car line rider parents you know, as we are back for Amazing Race 32! Each week from now until the end of the season (and who knows when that’ll be at this rate?), the “holy” pair of podcasters known as Michael & Logan will be recapping the season, alongside Michelle! However, we first have to get through every fan’s favourite episode – and the episode that Racers dread – our cast preview!

In this episode, we wonder whether CBS even cares about Amazing Race anymore, Logan goes hunting for sponsors, there’s a basic English lesson for one team, we find more cop-out answers, Africa isn’t a country, Michael somehow makes himself the most popular co-host, Logan’s three hobbies on his Amazing Race Canada bio are revealed, someone proves quite hard to Google, we give Little Shop of Horrors a 2020 makeover, Michael’s berserk button gets hit, we delve back into the archives for a surprising clip and much much more.

Join us every Sunday from now till the end of the season – it’s not like we can go anywhere!

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