Episode #342 – The Amazing Race 32 Episode 4 Recap

Stop spouting Amazing Race facts in public, as we are back for our (potentially!) final Amazing Race season ever – the eternally delayed Season 32! Over these episodes, you can join Logan, Michelle & I to dissect each episode as we count down to the end of our Amazing Race coverage, continuing this week with the fourth leg!

In our recap:

  • Why did Episode 5 really not air?
  • Why is Amazing Race like Treasure Hunters?
  • Have any of us seen Episode 5 yet?
  • What behind-the-scenes things did we find out this week?
  • I pre-empt a rant for next week.
  • There’s a lesson for using public computers.
  • Did the editors spoil a forthcoming non-elimination leg?
  • Michelle looks for big letters.
  • Is there a benefit to equalisers?
  • Did we find a language that James & Will don’t speak?
  • Logan tries not to be racist.
  • Have we learnt anything about Eswar & Aparna yet?
  • Are editors relying on the alliance a bit too much?
  • Michelle makes a potentially legendary slip-up.
  • Was there an unaired Yield?
  • We pitch a controversial ending.
  • Logan considers doing some homebrewing.
  • How do we feel about the Switchback to the entirety of the Paraguay leg?
  • Are Production rewriting history?
  • Would we ever revist an Amazing Race season?
  • What else did James & Will practice?
  • Two of our rules are broken.
  • How would Michelle do with the bottle dance?
  • How could the Finish Line be spiced up?
  • Do Hung & Chee have a communication problem?
  • How late did Kaylynn & Haley check in?
  • And Michelle tries to predict the future.

Thank you for listening – we will be back next Sunday for Leg 5!

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