Episode #472 – De Mol België Arizona Episode 5 Recap

That’s not Lucy Liu, as Best Friend of the Podcast Papa Bear Gilles de Coster invites another ten candidates to join him in some challenges, deception and ultimately friendship, this time in Arizona! As always, one of them has a second motive – to sabotage and restrict the pot as much as possible, whilst avoiding the searching gaze of both their fellow players and the public. Each week, two guys who would always tell you about movies that actually exist – Logan & I – are attempting to uncover the truth behind the lies and who will be replacing us halfway through the season, continuing with the fifth episode and elimination of Lieselot.

In this episode:

  • Logan does lunch.
  • Is there a problem with loved ones?
  • We have an announcement about the end of the season.
  • There’s the latest update on Harmstone Heights.
  • Does anyone now suspect Comfort?
  • Would we have wanted to cook or shop?
  • Why were they singing Africa?
  • Does Ruben know what he’s doing?
  • Who would you bring on a loved ones visit?
  • Why didn’t Comfort change her loved one?
  • I go down a rabbit hole.
  • Have we run out of questions?
  • Is it tough for us to cover the shopping challenge?
  • Was Lancelot in danger of expulsion way earlier?
  • How do you deal with sneaky shoplifters?
  • Our shows cross over.
  • How can you prepare for De Mol België?
  • Why didn’t we see many of the hot dog questions?
  • How many hot dogs were available?
  • There’s a Breaking Bad moment.
  • Is there an easier strategy to the shopping challenge?
  • Did Production have to intervene?
  • Was it even possible to grab the red pack?
  • Logan is reminded of US Mole.
  • We try and work out the logistics of filming with loved ones.
  • How much do we love the “could your loved one be the Mole?” question?
  • Is Sigourney Weaver in Inglorious Basterds?
  • Which challenge is most likely to have contained a clue?
  • Was Hook a gimme?
  • I have an epiphany.
  • We fast forward to suspicions briefly.
  • Would we have boarded the plane?
  • Did we know Comfort wasn’t on the plane?
  • What was the almost banner this week?
  • How would we have dealt with the propeller stopping?
  • There are the latest updates to our Pool & First Suspicions games, but will there be any switches?
  • Who do we suspect?
  • The second challenge has an interesting dilemma attached.
  • And are we looking at an all-male Final Four?

In the predictions pool, I have lost my second person, meaning I now have Lancelot, Comfort & Toos. Logan’s team is still Ruben & Thomas.

You can also take part in the Bother’s Bar Suspect List here.

Thank you for listening – we’ll see you next week for more Mole Hunting!


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